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Jose Antonio Cangco

Jose Antonio Cangco was born in the northern part of the Philippine Islands. He worked for the Philippine government for ten years as a finance specialist before going to the United Arab Emirates as an overseas contract worker. After working there in a financial exchange for nearly five years, he returned to Manila where he opened a business and started giving motivational seminars using his knowledge of ancient wisdom. He wrote the seminar content to make it appeal to a general readership and the Philippine Panorama, the Sunday magazine of the Manila Bulletin, one of the country's top three broadsheets, accepted it for printing.

His first foray into writing had been in poetry dealing exclusively with relationship subjects. In 1989, his first poem appeared in the Sunday Inquirer Magazine. After coming back from the Gulf, he published a collection titled "Fancy the Minstrel and Other Love Poems".

He started writing articles dealing with ancient wisdom and relationships. In 2006, his first article appeared in the Philippine Panorama. He has contributed several articles to the magazine and remains active as a freelance writer.

He has since retired after working as a writer in a U.S. based business process outsourcing in Makati, Philippines. He no longer writes poetry.

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