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#1 - Future of Christianity, reincarnation, Overlord, Pope and the East

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Modified Religion by Maitreya
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by Maitreya

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Answers to questions on serious topics


Future of Christianity, Reincarnation,
Overlord, Pope, and the East EAST

What is the difference between modified religion and other religions? They all seem the same to me?

There are many differences and similarities between modified religion and the other religions. The approach here in modified religion is more organized with emphasis on the four major points: belief in God, reality of the Overlord and the spirit, the truth of reincarnation, and the law of karma. These are the major dogmas and the lesser dogmas are those pertaining to God, that God is beyond our comprehension, there is a hierarchy of gods, there is only one God, and God is everything. You can easily see the difference here that the lesser dogmas cannot stand alone, that is, each ought not to be understood alone but in relation to the other minor dogmas.

Another difference that you may have observed is the nondependence from God in our daily lives. It is very comforting to think that God is with us everyday, in times of success or despair but according to modified religion it is not only good for each of us to stand alone on our own two feet, but we must because actually there is no other better way to learn to face reality here, or there, later on. Anyway, that is how God must be treating us.

Why should we believe you? Your writings do not come from divine inspiration, you said so yourself?

That's right. And I'll say it again that no saintly figure, god head or divine spirit entered into me and dictated what I wrote. This doesn't make me wrong, however, does it?

If you keep an open mind, all holy scriptures were written by men subject to their own perceptions and interpretations. It is sad to say that unless you can read the scriptures with an open mind, as I urge you the same while reading this, you can easily get lost in the maze of words.

My advice is if you don't believe, more specifically, what I write, that is your prerogative. If you cannot keep an open mind while reading what I wrote, at least try to keep an open mind while reading other materials. This will help you understand these things better and it might also help protect you from false claims and ideas.

What is the future of Christianity?

Christianity is around 2000 years old now and according to prophecies by St. Malachy of the Catholic Church, the line of the papacy is nearing its end. He gave a short description of each pope from 1143 to the present Pope John Paul II, to the next pope known as "the glory of the olives" and "Peter of the Rock" who will lead his people "through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills (Rome) will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge his people."

What does this mean for us? Is the end of the world near? I don't expect it but looking again at the brighter side of things, it means that a new belief, way of life, faith or whatever you may want to call it will appear. Instead of clutching at straws of the old beliefs that only faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, or whoever, will redeem us, people will be able to see the possibility that there is no eternal damnation, therefore, there is nothing they are to be saved from except their own follies. Naturally, not one of us will be waiting for St. Peter in the last days, because as I have stated earlier he won't be there. Peter of the Rock means a return to the "origin", the truth, and not the return of the fisherman.

If you claim that you are Maitreya, then there must have been prophecies that foretold of your arrival?

There are always prophecies foretelling the arrival of a messiah. These had been written in the Bible and had been said by the Buddha and also proclaimed by the Jews and Hindus. Because these prophecies had been around for many hundreds of years, not a few persons claimed that they were the son of God or the saviour and I don't want to be claiming other religions' prophecies as my own. If they are true, they will all agree and point to only one truth.

There are prophecies written during the second half of the 20th century and you will learn about them when the time is right. These prophecies are in books and magazines for general and family readership. The books were published in the west and are available worldwide while the magazine articles had appeared in a Philippine weekly. I do not know the authors personally, and I doubt if they know each other too.

I find reincarnation hard to believe. It seems unfair. I worked so hard in this life all to lose everything in my next rebirth.

The followers of religions which do not teach reincarnation have not an easy way of accepting reincarnation. This is because the description or knowledge of reincarnation which have filtered to their leaders who in turn passed it on to the members of the flock is topsy-turvy, incomplete, or sometimes totally wrong. Reincarnation is simplified as the result of bad or good karma in a past life determining whether the state of future reincarnation will be a desirable one or not. It is a little more complex than that. A man might have been rich and virtuous in a past life and still be reborn as the poorest of the poor; on the other hand , a billionaire who acquired his wealth through dubious means can still be reborn in wealthy surroundings. It all really boils down to what purpose a man came on earth for. But to have a balanced and wider experience of life, man will go for many more varying situations. There is a blind spot of reincarnation. You see, when the spirit, while in the spirit world, is planning what kind of life he will get into for his next physical rebirth, it - the spirit - cannot actually feel what physical suffering is. It doesn't know what starvation, sickness, disease and other sorts of things present only in the material world so it has no second thoughts about getting to be reborn as the most unfortunate of the unfortunates. We should not completely dismiss it however as this is one of the fastest ways to evolve.

Are you trying to establish a new religion?

I am. The world is in a very sorry state and I would not have mind, really, but it's not getting any closer to the religious and universal truths. With all the preaching and evangelism going on, I thought that one of the guys would one day speak about something universal - applicable to all men, not just a few selected sects - reincarnation, God (as I have presented Him), the hierarchy and other topics which make weak men tremble at their feet when they learn they alone are responsible for their actions with no saviour getting the flak or suffering for them again. It is not just done that way. If you have a son whom you loved very much and he has done wrong, you cannot take the punishment for him. Physically, the two of you may get away with it (but it's not allowed by the law to act as fall guy) but in terms of divine justice, he - your son - will have to answer for his actions alone.

What has a new religion got to do with all of these? you may ask. Furthermore, you say It is not necessary to found another religion and add to the already numerous conflicting myriads of sects, organizations, brotherhoods, etc.

I am not adding but I am taking away. There will come a time in the not very distant future when the majority of the world's population will embrace only one religion; those who do not want to belong are the atheists, agnostics, and remnants of the traditional religions today. But this is good in one way or another because the remaining members of the traditional religions will be studying their faith in a new light.

This is the first time I've heard about the Overlord. What is it?

The concept of the Overlord is not a new concept for it is mentioned in Hinduism and sometimes implied in Buddhism. What is being described in some sacred writings maybe God but at other times, it is the Overlord. God is really so far beyond us (excuse me for saying this) but if you substitute the Overlord to all concepts mentioning God, it would still work out fine except that the Overlord is not the Creator, it is not the Beginning and End, and other labels attached to Him. The Overlord is what a westerner would refer to as a Personal God.

It is sad to say but there is in man a very individualistic and selfish being. When he prays to his Personal God, he likes to think that his Personal God or his Overlord or the Great God Himself is all ears. One's Personal God, also known as Overlord, may be a better listener to one's problems than God is. It is like an employee with a problem who approaches the foreman who tries to solve it without going to the section chief, division manager, department manager, group manager, 1st vice-president and the sort. When the problem is a trifling matter, it does not reach the president. It is the same with our life and worries. When we pray, our prayers go only as far as the Overlord. By the way, we cannot pray for material wealth and success, but that is a different matter.

When I am praying to my Personal God or Overlord, am I being alone or are there also other persons praying to him?

There, you've got it. When you pray to your Personal God or Overlord, there are other persons belonging to the same Overlord praying to him too. It is like when you, your brothers and sisters ask advice from your dad together. But if you're planning to look for your brothers and sisters of the same Overlord and stage a prayer rally demanding something from him, it cannot be done.

Many a time, I hear or read about soulmates. This talk about soulmates is a sham. If there are soulmates of the same Overlord, they are in perfect bliss and cannot be on earth. They would practically not accomplish any task on this life. If a couple thinks they are soulmates, they are not really from one and the same Overlord but from two compatible Overlords.

There are ways of increasing the likelihood of meeting a very compatible partner but again, that is a different matter.

Are you an atheist? Maybe when you shall have received proof of God, you will believe in Him.

I am not an atheist. What proof do I need? I already believe in God, but my God is at the top of the hierarchy. Isn't your God also above everything else? Then, maybe we are talking about the same thing. Maybe we differ only in the fact that I don't claim I know anything more about my God than what I have written. Perhaps, if I have written that God is our loving Father who has given us free will and is now waiting anxiously for us infidels to return to His fold, I would get praises instead. Presenting that kind of a God is indeed a big comfort, if not also convenience, because there won't be much explaining to do on my part; I will just say "Pray and the power of God will give you understanding." Eventually, of course, as people get more evolved, or when they tire of the charade going on, they will embrace the true religion.

I think you're a fake. Your outfit must be large.

You're judging a book by its cover now. Which matters? Who I am or what I have written? The important thing is did the material which I have written help you? Did it broaden your understanding and supplied answers to questions which for a long time have been bothering you, such as what is the purpose of life, who is God, etc.? It's just like Shakespeare. Some scholars think that Shakespeare could not just possibly have written such masterpieces so they say that one guy Bacon did. But Shakespeare was really capable of doing so.

I don't have a big organization; in fact, there's no organization to speak of because I'm alone in this endeavor. At the same time I'm keeping a regular job, too, to bring in the bacon, so to speak.

Do you have any suggestions which to believe?

As I said before, when you believe in God it is because of faith. It is not because your parents, teachers, or leaders told you to believe; rather it is because you find it suits you and not because it has been drummed into you. I am still amazed at how many grown-up men and women go on blindly holding onto their belief without ever examining how they acquired it. They are afraid that if they would analyze their faith, it would crumble. A true belief is solid and firm, no iota of doubt ever arises, so as time goes by it becomes progressively easier to live with it. No concentration is needed to sustain it. By itself it grows. If you find that your beliefs are now easier for you to live with, that you can understand them, that you don't concentrate so much anymore just to keep them in focus, that they no longer tend to move away from you when you examine them, and that they stay put in where you filed them, then your beliefs you are holding to are true.

Some people may say not to believe in me because instead of teaching religion, I'm showing you how to examine your own beliefs using your own judgement. They will say that I am using psychoanalysis and psychology. They will argue that religion is something to be taken by faith, without explanation or self-examination. I am teaching religion and I am also teaching you how to judge your own beliefs whether they are true or not because if the vessel is dirty, the contents will get contaminated too.

Why should we believe in your religion? Christianity is about two thousand years old while your religion is only a few years around at the most?

I would not dare venture to say that age has got something to do with the truth of a religion, but if you do want to know, Buddhism has been around for more than 2500 years, while Hinduism has been with us for even a longer period. My religion is basically an adaptation and improvement, as the times dictate, over the two. If you noticed, Buddhism and Hinduism have no conflicts of beliefs and dogma because they generally are the same except for minor tenets. So it is with modified religion.

Why have these two religions survived over thousands of years? It is because their major dogmas or teachings like reincarnation and beliefs in God and karma are universal truths. Throughout the centuries, when their believers wake up in the morning after a good night's sleep, they feel rested and confident with their faith. They don't wake up with any doubts whether what their religion is teaching them are the wrong things, so Buddhism and Hinduism have survived and are even having a bit of revival now, don't they?

Now, shall I compare these with Christianity? No, I won't. I will just state the fact that many Christians are beginning to be attracted to these eastern religions because they have a solid foundation and do not crumble to pieces with each new era or simple scientific advancement. My religion, pardon the expression, is the same old dog with a new collar.

A few years back, the Pope referred to the religions of the east as mystic religions and called for Christians not to get involved with mysticism. What do you think of this?

It is never my nature to discover the intentions of another person so I don't know why he made that announcement. My opinion is that there is danger in learning metaphysics without the proper guidance. But there are two ways of getting metaphysical - one is directly studying it which I don't readily recommend because it is very easy to be misled by manifestations, and the other is by turning religious. It is an offshoot of living piously and righteously. If you look back at the history of the Catholic church, you will find that there had been several saints who had had some mystic or divine powers. There were St. Malachy, St. Agustine, and even Padre Pio who had exhibited stigmata signs in his body so mysticism is not the exclusively realm of the religions of the east. With the advent of a new religion, people will begin to understand these mysteries and will accept them in their normal life.

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