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Modified Religion by Maitreya

Fancy the Minstrel and Other Love Poems

About the Author

and Other Love Poems


Jose Antonio Cangco

I thought I've lost my touch
Writing a poem of such
Short, light verses that it's
For tired, broken heartbeats...
Though I've lived eight more years,
I'm still moved by your tears,
As they're mine to abide,
I'll always be by your side.
None less to show my love
Then your smile may reprove,
That I can once again
Be that of a young swain.
You're closest to my heart
Like a new sweet of tart
While on a holiday,
Or, whenever we just stay
At home watching pigeons
Fly 'round for the seasons.
You're the best gift I've got,
You're the verses I dot,
The liqueur of my dreams,
The fairy of my themes.

Copyright by the Author

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