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Jose Antonio Cangco

In my life, I never knew
What love is until you came,
I thought 'twas the morning dew
Formed at night and mine to claim;

I thought it was like a leaf,
Name the day and it will fall,
Or like a grass on the cliff
It will bend though growing tall.

I saw it as no worries -
All sunshine, no rainy days,
Leisurely waves at the keys,
That's my love in many ways.

Then, you came into my life
Offering a fresh purpose,
I've noticed one little strife
Inside me came to a close;

This happiness that's to be,
Great with the love which you bring,
The grass, the leaf of the tree -
While away, the lovers sing.

Copyright by the Author

(Printed from (Gulf Weekly , March 21, 1997)

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