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Jose Antonio Cangco

When things go black, I turn to you -
You have always been my strength,
In the dark of the night, into
The colors of the seventh
Hour, into the chill of the moon,
Into the heat of the sun;
I need you when I'm out of tune
To finish what I've begun
And play the songs I cannot sing.
I want you with me when I am
Out in a Sunday morning,
Or while at rest, talking flimflam;
I remember calling you
To prepare for the future,
But you bestowed me wisdom to
Better perceive man's nature;
The times I'd been lost, you were there,
Making me wish we were one,
Then, come day and night my prayer
Will always be heard and done.

Copyright by the Author

(Printed from (Gulf Weekly , March 21, 1997)

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