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Jose Antonio Cangco

Every time you gave me your smile,
I remember when I was young,
I would always sit near the aisle
And listen to the hymns you sang;
Melodies would play in my ear
While waiting underneath a tree,
Wishing at Christmas you'd be near
To sing carols in rounds of three.
My mother said that you are nice,
And that you're welcome anytime,
I ran back to invite you twice -
For Christmas and on New Year's prime.
Spring, of course, you were gone to school,
Leaving me so sad and alone,
Even prayed to hear the sounds of yule,
Three months before you'd be home in June.
Now, when you smile at me I'm sure,
The songs of many summers past,
Were then but a full overture
Of a love we did not know would last.

Copyright by the Author

(Printed from (Gulf Weekly , March 21, 1997)

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