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#9 - Search for happiness, same sex marriage, death & telepathy

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Search for Happiness, Same Sex Marriage, Death and Telepathy

I read and believe what you write but is there any way to find happiness in a shorter and quicker way? I'm a busy person and if there's true happiness the way you describe it, surely God would not have made it so hard for us is it? Is there an easier or simpler way of achieving it?

There we go again with a rush and hurry attitude. Wise men spent centuries putting down in writing what they know so others may benefit and at this present time, we want to have everlasting happiness in an instant. I wish happiness could be achieved easily but there are premises such as one has to believe in God or a Supreme Being. In other words, if one is an atheist, he cannot know genuine happiness unless he has accepted belief in God somewhat. Assuming you're such a busy person both in your professional and personal life, and in the small free time you have at home, you're still a busy bee, then you can still be perfectly happy. Nature has been kind to us in that she allows happiness to be experienced in very varied conditions; it's only the lenght of time of enjoying and feeling it that gets cut short. And if the depth of your happiness is just a few milliseconds in duration, and only once or twice a day, can you say that you are truly happy?

There is a study now looking into the possibility that happy people are born that way. Of course, happy people were born that way but it doesn't mean that happiness can't be learned just because somebody is born a grouch. That's what we are here on earth for - to learn the better qualities and values so that we may progress in the upward path. I don't think there's a shortcut for happiness because to change our frame of mind from a slouchy grump to a happy carousel involves a lot of mental processes. However having a good natured disposition, cheerful, caring and a positive outlook would help. If you want to be happy fast, then I suggest you drop and forego all of your negative traits and values first.

It amazes me sometimes that one can see men and women going around with a forced or painted smile on their lips which looks more like a smirk. They are not happy people. Pretending to be happy is different from being really happy which comes from inside. There is no easy way to being happy and contented but the nearest I can think of is to always look at the bright side of things. Be moderate. Follow the middle path. Avoid extremes. Remain balanced.

Are you for same-sex marriage?

I do not agree with same-sex marriages because love between man and woman is different from the love experienced between a male-male or female-female couples. In a man-woman relationship, love approximates spirituality or develops into this direction while for gay couples, it is a deep kind of friendship. Relationships tending to this kind is not natural. Marriage is a sacred contract between man and woman; and because of this, let the celebration of marriage be conferred to heterosexual couples.

Those who are pro gay-marriage may say that the only difference between man and woman is biological and that love is more than a physical thing. The highest love which can be achieved by a man and woman can never be experienced by same sex couples. True love for heterosexual couples, and this is what makes it different from gay love, involves body and mind to a very high level almost in the realm of complete understanding and telepathy.

Loving by heterosexual couples includes the element of mystery and wonder because, hey! the other person is different. He or she (being of the other sex) thinks differently unlike when both partners are of the same sex. Heterosexual love may border on the spirituality.

One other reason why same sex marriage should not be allowed is to protect our children who will be the future generation. If we approve marriage between same sex persons, kids now who will make up the future generation will consider it normal; there will be no stopping to what will come next - marriage with dead people, marriage with animals, child marriages and others. Let us be tolerant of homosexuals and their life style as long as it is kept private. We don't want children-the future of our country and every country-to grow-up not straight.

I found your ideas about death very interesting. When all is lost and there's nothing left for me before my least breath, maybe it's all right to call the persons I love who had departed before me to meet me. I won't lose anything by just thinking of them but won't it be big disappointment if they won't show up?

First, let's get this straight. What I'm writing about are not my ideas; they are universal truths that were around since eternity and will last for some time more. I just wrote them down and explained it to others. It's as if there was a beautiful scenery with waterfalls and trees and I'm painting it on canvass. It has always been there for everybody to see. And I always try to present it as close as it is to the original, no bias, no personal interpretations, no additions and no omissions. I never make-up these ideas; I just present them in a manner which is easy to understand for our times.

If you have truly loved somebody when he or she was still on earth and that he or she also truly cared for you then he or she will meet you in the after life when you will send a telepathic message to them. If, for any reason, they can't meet you, other people will. So, don't worry.

Before near-death experiences became news, it was already common talk in my hometown. But it was not the young people who experienced this phenomenon, it was more common, understandably, with the older and senior citizens. Everybody here took this for granted: that those very elderly were being visited and invited by their dear departed loved ones to enter that new life. As I am staying in the city now, I was talking last month with a friend of mine who does favors for me from time to time. He is a retired old man but still strong and healthy. I asked him what he thinks about death and I told him, too, of what I know that people from the other side come to meet the dying to ease his transition from this life to the next. He looked at me surprised. He said he had a conversation recently with a very elderly and dying woman,who had had many close calls already. She told him that her older sister, who was already dead, would appear to her, calling her to go with her, yet she was fully conscious and in complete control of her facilities. The old man related another story to me of how one of his parents was also invited by a departed relative when his parent was sick and dying. To old people in the villages, towns and even in the cities, invitations and near death experiences are nothing new.

Remember that when the time comes for you to depart, like it will come to all of us, compose yourself and if you will need help, you will be helped.

Do you think UFO's will be eventually identified and cease being a mystery to mankind? If they are real, how can we see them?

Unidentfied flying objects are a mystery now and even relegated as figments of the imagination of people who believe in them. But UFOs are real. The earth is not the only populated planet in the whole universe, as there are countless stars with solar systems, increasing the mathematical odds that we are not alone. However, unless you have not seen one, it is understandable that you will doubt their existence.

If after reading or seeing pictures of the Nazca lines, or some other mysteries and you still won't believe in UFO's I'm going to teach you how you can see and watch them.

While I was a high school student, I would spend my summer vacation with my Mom who was a doctor in the Provincial Hospital located in the suburbs of the capital town. Our place was hilly and my friends, some of whom were also on summer vacation from the city, and I would take a hike up the hills beyond our houses. Our houses were near the road and on the gently sloping terrain of the hills. Going up the hill then down to the other side, we were more cautious because the slope here was steeper and there were loose soil and gravel all around. At the bottom was a little flat valley surrounded by hills and through this flat land, nearer to the base of one of the hills, was a depression and in this depression was a small body of water. It ran off into a creek which was so small that if we wanted to get to the other hill, we just jumped over it. This small stream had its origin at the base of the adjoining hill, which we preferred to climb because we never tired of the view at the top. Several miles straight ahead we would see the town proper with its landmark church tower, and beyond the flat fertile river bank planted with corn reaching to the edge of the river. To our right below on another hill was a bridge spanning the river, and we would see buses snaking their way on top of the hills long before they arrived at the town proper.

Just before the narrowest point of the stream where the bushes were cleared and where we jumped over to cross it, was the depression. It was about as deep as a man was tall. The pool, which was on one side of the hole, was shaped liked a pear and when it rained, a small waterfall would cascade at its base, coming from upstream. The pool cut deeply into the side of the hill forming a vertical wall while the opposite bank was very flat where grass grew. The ground was so even and the grass grew short it looked liked a small neat garden. The bank had a floor area like that of a small house, and the depression had vertical walls of soft earth. On the top, bushes were growing around so that the hole in the ground was hidden from view.

Continuing with our hike, we who were the seniors were walking behind the rest of the group. When we scurried down into the depression, I was surprised that our younger friends were standing motionless in a circle, back to back and all were staring down at the ground. To my amazement they were inside a circle formed by a lighter shade of grass; we immediately joined them. The circle was about 4 meters wide, which was evidently in contrast with the natural dark green color of the healthy grass outside it. I looked at the grass and except for its yellowish-green color, it was normal in all aspects. There were no insects, no cuts, and the grass was not stomped upon. I would have theorized that if a goat were tied with a piece of rope and left alone to eat the grass, it would have not made a more perfect circle. But on closer examination, this was not the case because each individual blade of grass was whole and untrampled upon.

The elder kids in the group and I just scratched our heads and each came into his own conclusion that this is one of the weird things adults do which we don't understand. Then we left the area and proceeded on with our trek. After some time and much thinking had passed, I concluded that an UFO must have landed there, and using a different means of propulsion left its mark by turning the leaves of grass underneath it in a lighter shade.

To be able to see some unidentified flying objects, you must have a clear view of the night sky, preferably from outside a populated and bright place. This means a cloudless and moonless night because a bright moon will hide the stars from view. The darker the night the more stars and constellations will be visible.

Then scan the night sky. If you do this for two hours everyday for a month, I assure you you will see dots of lights moving at tremendous speeds, or change directions or stop suddenly. If you are lucky you might see a bright light like a beacon and you will see these smaller lights scampering into its direction. I don't have a powerful telescope but if you do, you might even see these vehicles close-up.

Who's going to win the U.S. and Philippine presidential elections?

It's George W. Bush and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (posted April 26, 2004).

Who will be the next US president in 2008?

A republican will be elected in the US presidential election in 2008. He will win by a very narrow margin in the electoral college. (posted December 17, 2004)

Anything about the next pope, please?

The next pope will be Italian and his election to the papacy will come as a surprise to many observers. He will be a moderate and will try to offer the olive branch to the leaders of other religions. (Posted December 17, 2004)

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