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Reincarnation of Christ, etc., The Soul, Prayers and God

There are many who claim that they are the reincarnation of Christ, Buddha, Ananda, and other past prophets in their teachings for today. Whose reincarnation are you for us to believe?

If you have read the previous pages I had written, you will find that I had and will never claim any one person as my previous self. I am not the reincarnation of Jesus Christ or Buddha, in fact, I have repeatedly said to bring down to earth people who are gullible, that I cannot perform miracles of any kind.

When a person is very much sick, and is unaware of his surroundings, what he needs most is rest, both physically and mentally. He needs almost complete peace and quite. Although he appears unconscious to us healthy people, he is very sensitive to his "environment" and to thoughts emanating around him and reaching him. Praying for him at this moment or any time whatsoever is not good because it will interfere with his inner condition wherein he is being receptive to mental messages and signals. When different people pray for him, he gets different vibrations, and not all of these would be nice, not all the people praying for him have the same one and clear intention of helping. The worse and most devastating thoughts however would emanate from the leader of the prayer group with his zealous beliefs that he can act as an intermediary for Jesus Christ to heal the sick man.

Have you ever been really sick, perhaps with a high fever so much that you were bedridden and oblivious to your surroundings? Sometimes it's as if you hear people whispering about your condition and that you just don't care anymore and want to rest. Although your condition is not seriously life threatening, you have reached the stage where you are far from material and financial worries. And you feel an inner peace that you have gotten beyond earthly matters. It is at this time that you are most receptive to any mental interruptions from prayer groups or any individual professing to "heal" you. These messages in the form of their zealous prayers will just disturb your rest. So if you know what's good for you and if your family really loves you, never request or acquiesce to have someone pray over you. It can do you more harm than good.

I remember reading from "All Things Bright and Beautiful" by James Herriot, a veterinarian who was called to a lambing. While he was attending to it, he saw an ewe in a corner that had complications in lambing and was left alone according to the farmer "to take her chance". While the vet was attending on another ewe, he could not remove his thoughts from the suffering animal left alone to die so when the farmer went to fetch some rinsing water, he injected it with nembutal to end its suffering. He left the ewe for dead. The ewe slept for two days. During this time she was being healed by mother nature. And the vet saw her grazing later, to his amazement.

I got a few religious handouts shoved into me and when I was reading them, everything appeared true, convincing and relevant. From what I was reading this is what struck me the most: "There is nothing more important in the world than the salvation of the soul because for what use are the possessions of man in the world when he has nothing spiritually?"

What I am most in awe about Christianity is how well the verses are phrased and quoted in the Bible. If this was business, I would say that the product is very nicely packaged and marketed with catchy slogans. Well, I have to agree with you, but the point is that the Christian bible from which a lot of quotations are taken from, makes it appear that striving and earning an honest living here on earth is not very desirable in the eyes of the good Lord. It does not give credit to the honest and hardworking man who has accumulated wealth, too. It seems that all rich men as portrayed by the bible are heading to hell and perdition. Have you heard priests exhorting their flock to "go out and be industrious and earn an honest living for yourselves and your family"? In my opinion , hard work is only acceptable to the church when you donate. And I'm talking from experience.

Just in the past couple of days or so, I've been reading about commentaries on the Pope's remarks to Christians to stay away from eastern religions particularly on concepts of reincarnation, karma, and non-interventional salvation, among others, because the "foundation of the Church is its claim not to 'a' but the monopoly of spiritual truth." If the foundation of the Christian church is attacked little by little, it will erode and one day it will crumble. The foundations of eastern and middle eastern religions namely Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism are one: it has not been fabricated through royal decrees, edicts and conventions, nor has it been developed and refined through time. It is truth that was discovered wholly. Eastern religions are not promoting their product as aggressively as Christianity does, yet the former is eating into the market share of the latter. Why are followers of the Christian church shifting loyalties to an eastern brand? The answer is that they cannot reconcile the teachings of their religion with modern life.

An example of the different ways of arriving at religious dogma which then has an effect on how it shall be applied to modern life is the way how the human soul is perceived to enter the physical body. In Christianity, the soul is "embodied" on the instance of conception; in esoteric dogma, the soul enters the physical body at around birth time. The former dogma was arrived at through reason, definitely not though intuition; but if the person who formulated this would have spent more time meditating on the subject, he would have realized that there are really different times possible at which the soul becomes embodied, more specially at around birth time. There can be no definite one "instance" when the soul enters the infant's body; it can be just before birth or soon after birth.

Along this line of thinking the Church has to ban abortion, which makes its followers raise questions as to how adept it is to finding practical means of solving man's and women's pressing problems. For the Church to succeed in its campaign of keeping its flock to its fold, it has to ban or censor astrology, meditation, etc. and most eastern religions, but this would result to more turncoats.

What is new in your religion? You have selected elements from Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism and molded these and presented them as a new religion. Why come up with another religion when there are a lot of others which are already established, with authority and power?

What's the purpose of coming up with another religion? I'll tell you. Hinduism is the doctrine, the theory, or the mother of all religions, but when it comes to perception of the real, everyday world of dog eat dog, Judaism's approach is practical; when it comes to personal relationships we can learn a lot from the middle way of the Buddhists. Another reason is if Hinduism teaches that there are many levels of gods, Judaism teaches belief in one spiritual God while Buddhism instead focuses on moderate and right living following the teachings of Gautama. Now, which religion teaches all these three and explains it the way I do? I make it as clear as rain.

I personally know the sender of this question and I have great respect for her views on religion. Being Hindu does not prevent her from having achieved understanding of the middle way and the universal truths, and is on the right path. It is only through any one of these religions that one could understand the greater truths contained in these three great religions, and once a person has understood these, his or her religion does not matter anymore. He or she will realize that these three religions have a similarity and if he studies one deeply, he will feel an affinity toward the other two religions. If it so happens that an outsider (of these religions) already started to be on the right spiritual path, if he begins to understand karma, the different levels of Gods and the truth of the spirit and the Overself he will feel his progress.

Again, I have used these three religions because they are most similar to what I teach. They have not closed their doors to salvation to people outside their faith. I have chosen to start a new religion so I can prop up the truth. I prop up my religion with faith, that your belief should be based on your faith. If a religion was founded on miracles or if your belief was arrived at because you were born into it then your faith is not real. When you start doubting, you have to recall those miracles to cover up your doubts. But if your belief is founded on faith, you don't have to look outside yourself for proof and other props to support your religion.

You are correct in saying that established religions already have power and authority over their followers. But there is no unifying belief is there? And a new religion has to have a start, doesn't it? And old jungle saying: from the seed the mahogany will grow.

I believe that there are many levels between us and the One God, but why should our prayers not reach God? Could we not direct our prayers to the One God? I cannot also understand your diagram wherein God and the anti-God are on the same level. If God created everything, then he is all powerful and must have created the anti-God?

These are very interesting questions and I will try to answer them to the best I can. Maybe the way I explained them was not clear and there's nobody to blame but me for not making clear my meanings.

Here on earth, we are the physical manifestations of our spirit and if we the spirits (or consciousness) pray we send our prayers upwards to our Overself who "stands" directly between us and the other higher selves in the hierarchy, eventually up to God. When we pray, we like to believe that we are praying directly to the top God, but between God and us are so many other higher levels. In effect, we have to get through our Overself first who is our "link" or "window" to the higher dimensions. And when we pray, we pray to our Overself but he does not really send our messages to God; it's like a filter because he is responsible for us. If a clerk has a problem, he does not immediately go to the president of the company; he tells his supervisor or a senior clerk. It is a very comforting thought to believe that we are praying directly to the top God, and this is what some religions teach, but the sooner we realize that we are just getting in touch with our Overself, the more we learn about the mysteries of life. This is what separates the men from the boys: a man accepts that his prayers go to the Overself, the boy won't.

Don't give human emotions to spirits or God. He won't be insulted even if, we are aware of him, we pray to somebody lower than him. The real and true God does not need praises, flattery, hymns and all that. Hymns and church songs really were composed to put the worshiper in a submissive mood.

As regards my diagram wherein God is on the same level as anti-god, please do not take the anti-god as evil. It is just the opposite or negative of what is positive. In this case however, and I leave it to you to determine for yourself the answer, do you think God is higher than the positive and negative gods? You can choose either the positive or the negative as your God, but due to human nature or mentality, it can accept only one concept at any one time it makes its own God constantly as the highest.

Maybe now its a bit more apparent why Judaism chooses the one God, Hinduism chooses many Gods, while Buddhism leaves the question unanswered.

Hope I got you there.

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