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God is Everything, Karma and Service, Next Pope
What's Wrong with the World?

Is God everything? It is said by others that we - and everything else - is just the reincarnation of God?

If you have read the previous pages, you will learn that there are many levels or hierarchies of godship. In the case of your question, you are referring to the top God, the Supreme God who is also known as the Creator. I have said also that such philosophy or belief that God is everything is dangerous because it can easily mislead a person into believing that since God is everything, then he must have a part of God in him. It does not matter how much or how tiny this bit is to him; he will try nevertheless to discriminate about it hoping to expand and gain power from it. This practice can cause incoherence, delusion and may even lead to insanity.

If you read about the creation in the book of Genesis in the Bible, you will have the impression that even God was not alone when He was "making" the world. There must have been another god whom the first God was talking to. Of course, you can say that how the Bible was written is just a rhetorical style, but if you delve deeper, you will realize that there must be another God or an opposite God who is different, or who appears to be different, from the first God. Or you can also say that what is manifested as different is really one and the same God. Take your pick.

I have a friend who is very active in his church group. It's his own life really but lately, I'm beginning to wonder if what he is doing is right because I don't see any of them helping the poor, collecting food and medicine, etc. but the members are more of church-goers, worshiping and praying. In this case, will he get good karma for his services to his God?

This is a sad thing happening to many religious groups and evangelical organizations today. They teach love to fellow-men but they discriminate to nonmembers of their movement. They think that praising, adoring, singing, and praying would make God happy. I believe that this is one of the worst practices that came down from the earliest times. In fact, many Christian practices and rituals are of pagan origins when primitive man (and now modern man) thought that they can please their god by singing and praising him.

It is said that faith without action is nothing but so many people misconstrue worship, adoration, and prayer as an extension and action for faith. Action because of faith means sacrifice and devotion to other human beings, not to one's self or God.

Will your friend get good karma just by praying and showing devotion to God? If he prays three times a day, reads the bible at noon and at night, and sets offerings to his God, will he get good karma? No, he won't. He won't get bad karma, either, but will just be wasting his time and resources. If he tries to converts others to his kind of life and way of believing, he might even get bad karma because he will have misled his converts from a fruitful endeavor to something useless. When he shall have gone to the other world, however, he will find out that he did not accomplish anything useful nor shall he be rewarded for joining an organization or cult. He will have learned his lesson by then.

Can you tell who will be the next Pope after Pope John Paul 2?

According to St. Malachy of the Catholic Church, the present Pope John Paul 2 is the second of the last popes. There will be one more whom he described as "the Glory of the Olives" before the truth of the religion will be known. St. Malachy was extremely accurate in his predictions and he was canonized a saint by the Catholic Church a long time ago.

The next Pope will be an Italian and will earn his nickname as "Glory of the Olives" because he will offer peace to those who will challenge the truth of his Church. He is a moderate and will be elected because he has not shown any radical ideas, and will absorb changes that will occur during his term which will all be along the teachings of the past. To save his people, a leader has two alternatives: to fight or compromise. He will sacrifice and compromise many things to save his church. He will distill information but in the end, truth is stronger than the past. Man will finally turn to a new and true religion.(Posted July 17, 2001)

What do you think is wrong with the world and how are you going to solve it?

The way this question is asked, it's as if it was a quiz and the answer memorized from some textbook. First you must simplify your way of thinking so that you will be able to perceive that there are two parts to the problem and how to differentiate them. Have you forgotten your high school math? Simplify, simplify, and simplify. There are problems and crises made by man such as wars, and famine brought by wars, etc. and then there are catastrophes which are caused by nature such as droughts, volcanic eruptions, flooding, fire, etc. Man may be also responsible for some cases of flooding through deforestation and drought by desertification but we have to take the first step and put our foot down somewhere so we can start.

Let us focus our attention on man-made problems because I believe that when man learns to respect his fellow man and the right of the next generation to inherit a decent world, he will also start caring for the environment. Man fights against another and struggles to make a fast one over his neighbor for he has been deeply and constantly exposed to wrong values, and the little of what remains of his sense of right and wrong is also starting to crumble. There is complete disregard for his fellow man, his environment and for the future because he has become materialistic and destructive.

Where do we start then? Shall we enact laws to compel man to respect life and property and protect the environment? Shall we enact laws to censor availability of destructive and harmful information leading to a lopsided priority of personal values? Shall we condemn schools, organizations, and states which teach, propagate, embrace and export violence, drugs, etc.? We civilized countries have laws designed to protect our society, to respect life and protect the environment but these are not enough. There should be a return to religion where the basic values are restored.

If religion will be imposed on a people to follow, there will be wide opposition to it, and I myself would prefer that anyone be given the freedom to choose and practice his choice of religion. If what is taught is equality among all persons, respect for life and property, love for the environment, and a culture of nonaggression then it does not matter which religion a person will follow because the basic values are there for us to be able to live peacefully.

I understand that with a return to religion, any religion, as long as the basic values of love, equality, and respect are there, there will be peace in the world. How do you propose to save the environment?

If you take all the factors contributing to the environmental problem, it comes to two causes: first, there are too many people competing for too little resources and secondly, the destruction of natural resources and the decay of our cities as a result of the use of oil or petroleum. I don't have to go about enumerating the disadvantages of over population but with less children born to a family, the parents will be able to provide better for the children, financially, emotionally and mentally. This reminds me of a silly story I read in a religious digest which is against birth control. A lady who practices birth control has two kids and one day she decides to visit her friend who has a large brood. When she sees her friend, she says "How do you divide your time among your kids?" The other lady replies, "I don't divide my time, I multiply it."

I think this is the crappiest story I ever heard. There are only 24 hours in a day and if the lady allocates six hours a day for herself, how will she "multiply" the remaining 18 hours, if say, she has six children? To spend quality time to her large brood, will she hug her kids more intensely? And if her 4th child will tell her a joke, will she laugh louder to convey to him that he is experiencing quality time? The other woman with only two kids can offer them 8 hours each of her attention, which may even be excessive, really. The point is a family with a large brood cannot care for the children assembly-line style.

To save our environment, the other thing we should do is to find an alternative fuel source and stop using oil because it is polluting and leaves a residue. Can you imagine Los Angeles or your city or town with clean air? Petrol pollutes the air, the sea and the land so its use should be immediately banned as soon as an alternative source of fuel is found to be viable for everyday use. There are many substances poisoning our environment but petrol is the biggest cause.

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