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Evolution and Spirituality, Karma and Family, What is Heaven?
Bible and Reincarnation

Show me proof that you are Maitreya and I will believe, can you?

Here we go again. No, I will not show you proof. If you want to believe then you will believe. In this religion, I am precisely avoiding establishing a culture of proof and evidence. I don't want this to go in the way of other religions where it is the alleged existence of proofs which makes people believe. Do you want me to raise people from the dead? I cannot do it. And do you know that Jesus, with his ancient knowledge of medicine and herbs, just revived an unconscious Lazarus? Gautama Buddha never gave any proofs and yet Buddhism has always existed solidly.

When I was a schoolboy up north in my country, we had at some distance, a neighbor who had a lumberyard. One night, he dreamt that the Virgin Mary appeared to him and instructed him to look on the front wall of his warehouse. Upon waking up the following morning, he went to the front of his warehouse and lo and behold! there was on one of the wooden planks a figure of the Virgin Mary carrying the child Jesus. It was really nothing but the eye of the wood which served as a wall to his warehouse but the "miracle" caused quite a sensation in our town. He built a little enclosure around it to which people came to stare or pray. Now, almost everyday, there are news bits or fillers that the image of the suffering Christ had appeared on rocks, tree trunks, or banana stalks, and would you believe? even on a bathroom tile? Those are miracles and proofs for you. Grow up. It is people with wavering faith who needs proofs.

I cannot understand how a person could be evolved and not be spiritual? Is there a difference?

There is a world of difference between these two. Let me explain it this way. Suppose a man is born for the first time, and being at the bottom step of the ladder of human evolution, he is usually deposited in a primitive jungle tribe. Being new to this physical world, he has not much responsibilities; he learns human ways by looking and observing. At this point, he already has the potential to be spiritual, but being where he is, most probably he will just be an animist. As he undergoes more deaths and rebirths, his status goes up and he may start to learn and believe in the greater religions so he develops his spiritual being. But, let us look on the other side, too. Supposing a man has undergone many deaths and rebirths so that now he is quite evolved and has great potential for spiritual growth, but using his intelligence and capability expounded instead on atheism or taught a philosophy of drug-induced bliss, then he is no greater than a humble peasant who lives righteously. Evolution is like riding on an escalator. We all go up. Some people just started earlier, and are more behaved than others, so they are higher.

If we are all evolving, what's the use of trying to live righteously, and following the middle path, etc.? I prefer to wait.

In effect, what you are saying is "Get in line and be carried by the tide." I cannot agree with you here, because experience shows that a man, after countless deaths and rebirths, will get tired of this cycle so he will begin to strive and improve himself. There will come a time after having tried living so many kinds of lives, and without getting anywhere, that he has no other choice left except to plunge in the middle way as taught by the Buddha, whether he is a Buddhist or not, whether he is consciously aware that he is living such a code of conduct or not. Before the dawn of history, this way of life already existed; it is just like the law of gravity - it was already there before Newton discovered it.

Another noteworthy thing is when we try to live righteously according to the law of karma, we make things easier for ourselves. You cannot be like a rock waiting forever for things to happen to you; if you are afraid that by taking risks you are adding bad karma to yourself, by existing - not really living - you are wasting this life away. Following the law of karma - being spiritual - is a conscious choice while evolution is the result of reincarnation or rebirths.

If I did not do good in a past life, will I fall off of the evolutionary ladder?

Nobody ever falls off from the evolutionary ladder. Nobody is demoted or thrown downwards to start again at the beginning of the ladder. The worst thing that can happen is when you take your own life; in this case, you have to repeat the level of evolution you just left. Now, don't go about thinking that if you are very rich now, committing suicide will ensure you of a future rebirth in wealthy circumstances because things may not turn out that way. What really happens is the life which you have planned before has now been interrupted by yourself, and there is no excuse, according to the law of karma, why you should not go back and re-live similar lives with accompanying problems. Now you know two laws: you can't take it with you and you can't escape karma.

I heard several persons discussing karma. One of them said that the family of the one who erred will pay for his karma. How is this possible?

This is what happens when people set up secret societies and make up their own laws. The law is there for us all and by using a little common sense, we should be able to see it.

A person who erred or committed a wrongful act will have nobody to pay for his actions except himself. We have to learn to separate a person from his wife, his family, lover, or from any other person, and that is not too hard is it? So, if Mr. A purloined funds from his office and a few days later, his family drowns in a boating accident, his family is not paying for his actions. They have had their own lives to live and their own karma to look after without needing to burden themselves more with Mr. A's. Stretching this point a little further, if Mr. A had financed the boating trip from the illegally gotten funds, the drowning incident would still be construed as an accident because he didn't know its coming. Although a group of persons may come to the earth to work out karma, the forgoing incidents should be taken separately.

The loss of a loved one can cause a great devastation to a person but unless proven that he has had something to do with it, it cannot be attributable as an after effect of a bad karma. Animals too cannot be said to be able to carry the karma of their masters for the same reason. They are separate entities. Nobody can be a savior when it comes to karma.

What are the different levels of the evolutionary ladder?

As always in anything, there is a first level, a second level, and so on until the last one. If life on earth were going to be spent in one big company, the lowest ramp in the ladder of evolution is comparable with the entry level position in the company - whether one is going to be a janitor, clerk, or general manager. This big company does not discriminate among its new employees and treats them according to their capabilities, while the employees themselves try to learn as quickly as possible.

As time goes by, a person advances and when he has for example reached the fourth level, he has earned more responsibilities than one on the third level; being on the fourth level he also has more phases of different lives to be born into compared to the man on the third category. Meanwhile, the man on the third category has more responsibilities than one has from the second level, and being in the third category, he will undergo more deaths and rebirths than the man below him, etc. In other words, the higher one goes, the more number of deaths and rebirths he has to undergo in each step. The end of all of these is the non-rebirth to the physical world. It will be in another plane of existence.

Just to show you how the scheme of things makes everyone equal, people who are new to the earth get by in society usually through brute strength. A few of them, however, can turn out to be stand-outs with several academic degrees in their fields and categories when challenged by society.

You said that everybody will be saved in spite of what one had been in his past lives. Does this mean that I shall reach paradise or heaven only after I have reached the stage of non-rebirth after countless sufferings of deaths and rebirths? Seems quite a long time to me.

There seems to be wide confusion regarding non-rebirth, nirvana, paradise or bliss. Non-rebirth is the last stage of evolution or reincarnation and it means simply non-rebirth to the physical dimension or world. It does not mean that because one has reached non-rebirth to the physical dimension that one shall not face another kind of existence anymore. In that other plane of existence there will be no gross suffering like that we know on earth, but there will still be learning so one can advance further. In short, non-rebirth to earth and other physical worlds, but still birth to other kinds of existence more advanced than found in the physical dimension and beyond our understanding.

Nirvana is the non-existence of the discriminating mind or if you want to put it in simpler terms, nirvana is the state when all vices have been negated; and vices do not include only smoking, drinking, gambling, lying, idleness, and others, but also the weaknesses of the mind such as pride, hatred, jealousy, etc. So, when you hear or read a commentary that nirvana is nothingness, you know that it needs to be qualified.

Paradise is heaven while bliss is happiness. Don't be taken that nirvana is heaven. Nirvana is a state of bliss and while the entity is alive, he cannot rightly claim that he is in paradise. Paradise is a place or dimension where we go after dying from the earth. And after each life a man has had on earth, he will go to paradise, no matter how bad he was; however, he still has his karma to settle so gets to be reborn again. He can choose to work out his karma in the spirit world where he is, instead of being reborn, but if he wants to evolve or spiritually grow faster, he may choose to come to earth again. Enjoying himself in the spirit world, he has forgotten disease, starvation, sickness and what general physical suffering is so he takes a dare to be reborn. I like to think that it is similar to westerners who leave their cozy and fully equipped houses to take a trek across the Gobi desert or hike the length of Antarctica. Now, I hope nothing is strange to you anymore.

Is there a separate and unique heaven for each different evolutionary phase or is there only one paradise where we all belong like one big happy family?

Let us call the place where we shall all go to after we shall have died from this physical world as the spirit world. In the spirit world, there are many sectors (or mansions according to Christ) where members of the different evolutionary stages go. Although a lowly savage will go to his own part of paradise while an educator, presumably an evolved one will seek his, yet they are all in the spirit world. If you are a professional, it does not mean that you will meet only doctors, lawyers, engineers, and CPA's but many other entities of the same level as you are or even higher yet have had no academic degrees. After our life on earth, we won't compare degrees and honors anymore; we see through other people's achievements for what they really are as evolved entities and we will like what we shall see.

Entities of a certain evolutionary stature will have their own paradise composed of men and women like them; but one can meet another entity from a different sector of paradise if both of them agree. So far, nothing strange about it. This arrangement works out fine for everybody.

The bible does not say anything about reincarnation. Is this because God has a plan for each of us the way a loving father would prepare for the future of his children?

You should know that the bible is a collection of history, legends and stories. These stories, whether fact or fiction, already existed before Christianity; and during the early days of Christianity, these texts were selected and edited to what would fit the teachings of the church. Because reincarnation is not mentioned in the bible it does not follow that reincarnation is not true. The bible presents man as the beneficiary of all things God has created which makes his ego swell. Did you know that animals have spirits, too, and that they are constantly being reincarnated with their own paths to follow? If God has a plan for us humans, then surely He must also have a plan for the animals. And this would not be anything but reincarnation.

A good example of reincarnation where an entity repeatedly comes to earth to finish a task is shown in the book Roots by Alex Haley. The entity here wanted to establish a continuity in his "lives", having started out as a slave from Africa, and by using oral tradition, kept alive his story. The entity had to be reborn several times to ensure that his story did not die out, until the time was ripe to write it down in book form.

In his book "Chapters of Life", Lobsang Rampa stated that the new messiah will be born in 1985. This should make you only 15 years old today. How can you explain this?

I think I can explain that. If you open your book to a few pages before this passage you will read that Lobsang Rampa said that the wise men of the east, knowing of the time and place of the arrival of the messiah, changed these dates. If you consider him as a good predicator, then he too changed this information. Having established that this date is not the correct one, the messiah therefore could have been born either before or after 1985. If you had read his other books, he said that he had seen the body of the future messiah, so the messiah must have been born before 1985 because Lobsang Rampa died in 1981.

The following information that I am going to give you is not contained in any of his books. In the summer of 1969, he went to the Philippines and while he and his two companions was at the viewing platform at the Luneta Park in Manila, he was able to see the boy messiah. The boy was in his early teens and was wearing a sky blue shirt with a nehru-style collar. He was with his relatives at that time and Rampa's party was at a respectful distance away.

If I believe in your teachings, what is your religion or church called?

I'm not out to establish a church and have it called Church of the Lost Journeymen or something. By founding a church and calling it with a name, people will be alienated from other people of different persuasions, and that is the last thing that should happen. We don't want anybody to say "Oh, so you go to the Church of the White Dove? Well, I belong to the Church of the First Divine Hollows". If people were to ask you what your religion is, answer them that your religion is personal. In this way, we shall not be creating a wall around ourselves by trying to be different or more classy or more saintly or superior to other believers. Be humble with your knowledge and you will not create discord.

While riding on a city bus, a young man boarded the bus and started preaching about salvation. What is your opinion?

My opinion about people preaching salvation through their assembly, handing out literature, etc. is that they are misleading the people. It is not that people have been misled only now and sometimes it is the people's fault to let themselves get carried away, without studying the proposal of salvation carefully. So what happens to the people who died before the word of the evangelist reached them? Of course, the evangelists have a ready answer and it is: God has a special plan for them. According to them, if I, a "nonbeliever", wants to know what God's plan is for me, I have to I open my heart first to the divine word.

Since I put up this website, I get a lot of unsolicited e-mails trying to convert me to the "all-forgiving and unconditional love of Jesus." I replied to one saying that I did not ask for such e-mail. The sender wrote back calling me vulgar (for what reason, I don't know) and then almost pleaded with me to go return and find the love of Jesus. Now, I ignore their e-mails.

Do you know what happens next if I go and open up my heart to Jesus? I will be accepted joyfully and be saved! I don't have any idea however what I am being saved from. I have always believed and will always believe that man will be saved without Jesus Christ or any messiah. Don't you think it is more generous of God if he allowed man to be saved by his own powers, instead of meekly waiting salvation from another person's hand? And this is the truth, man on earth walks alone - he only needs guidance.

Let us look now to our weaker brothers. Do they need a hand? Must we go on telling them that a messiah has come to save their souls? Do they need a crutch and somebody to lean on? Like a baby learning to walk, there is a time when he has to have a go at it alone. Similarly, the longer we delay the emergence of these truths, the more they will put their faith in themselves aside.

Who will win the U.S. 2000 presidential election?

George Bush (posted September 26, 2000)

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