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Do you have any other close encounters with UFO's? What is their fastest speed?

My mother worked as a senior physician in a government hospital in the north. We had a wide open lawn in front of our appointed quarters and at night my two elder brothers would spread a big native mat on the grass. We would lie on the mat eating peanuts and watching the stars. The night would always be silent. Nobody brought a radio and television had not yet reached our place. It was not unusual for us to see "comets", shooting stars, and whatever the night sky had to offer us. We would do this often.

So maybe when I had had two "closer" sightings of UFOs, which happened when we moved to a town a little farther up north, it wasn't a strange experience to me anymore. One of these sightings occurred at night, and the other at a very close range during the day, if only for an instant. Our new accommodation was a one story tin roof building which was the old hospital converted for the doctors' and nurses' living quarters. The hospital complex was on the highway and the houses were few, far and between unlike those found in the town center.

The hospital compound was lighted with incandescent bulbs at several locations and there were no light posts outside our building. Some ornamental shrubs and a few trees were planted in the perimeter and the light at night coming from our living room would barely cast a shadow on the concrete terrace in front.

After eating supper, I was staring outside the window onto the darkened gravel road when there was a flash of light which shone on the plants and trees lining the terrace. The light dimmed like it was being controlled by a dimmer switch, unlike a lighting flash which comes and goes so suddenly. I stepped outside to our porch and when I look above our tin roof, I saw a bright light. I would have sworn it was a spotlight placed on the roof but I knew there was none. I rushed to the gravel road to get a better view of the source of the light and I saw that it was coming down from the sky. The light was brighter than a full moon but it seemed to shine only on a small spot, its beam not being dispersed all around. It switched on and off for about two more times then I noticed that its light was focused on the sky. I turned around to my right and to my amazement I saw about seven small lights, as big and as bright as the brighter stars, all scampering toward the beacon. I also looked at the other way to see if there were other similar lights but I only saw one or two of them. I observed that when all the smaller lights were heading in the right direction toward the beacon, it stopped giving out pulses of light anymore, and as these smaller vehicles neared the spot where the beacon was, they too shut off their lights. The entire experience might have taken 5 minutes from the moment I stepped out of the door to the time I saw the last of the small lights.

In the same house one hot midmorning before lunch, I was in the living room when I suddenly felt like going out of the room. It was a very hot morning and normally I would just stay at the terrace under the shade of the trees but this time I decided to go for a little footing on the gravel road in front of our living quarters.

It was really uncharacteristic of me to stand under the hot sun in the middle of a road overgrown with grass but I turned and faced northwest toward the horizon. There were some far away trees in that direction when suddenly I saw an object flying at a very fast speed coming toward me. At first I thought it was a fighter jet plane from the Israeli air force making a practice run. The machine itself was silent but there was a roaring sound of air as it moved toward me. I thought I was going to strain my neck looking at it fly overhead when suddenly it stopped in front of me at about tree top level. It was a flying saucer and I was looking directly above it. There were about three or more human silhouettes looking down at me. Then it made a little turn or just rotated on a dime and flew away at tremendous speed. Its flight path coming and going away from me would be about 15 degrees apart. The whole incident lasted about three seconds, it surely would have not taken more than 5 seconds.

I'm positive it was not an air force jet of any country because it did not make any noise except the sound which a volume of rushing air makes, its ability to stop and float in mid-air and turn or rotate around, and its tremendous speed. The only reason I was able to see it was that I was standing directly on its flight path when it was approaching and leaving. If an observer was further down the road from where I was standing looking across my line of sight, he would have not seen the object flash across his eyes due to its tremendous speed. It was not a man-made aircraft because there was no exhaust, no heat, and the highly aerodynamic craft stopped and turned at just the right height, not disturbing the air at ground level.

It will be confirmed later on that a UFO can travel many times faster than the speed of light, does not generate any heat and sound by itself, except the sound which air makes when it is being displaced, and that the ultimate speed is the speed of thought.

After the air show was over, I went inside the house and had lunch.

I heard an old wives' tale that when the stomach of a pregnant woman was "pointed", the baby she's carrying is a boy, and if her stomach was "flat and rounded" it's a girl. Is there any bit of truth in this or is it just what it is, an old wives' tale?

There is an explanation to this and it is the aura. First, the aura is the energy or life force which surrounds the person's body, and secondly the aura of a girl is different from that of a boy. For those who can see the aura, the aura is shaped like an egg surrounding the physical body. In the female body, the flat end of the "egg" is on top while in the male body, it is the pointed end which is on top. To those who can see or "sense" the form of the aura, and those who are more sensitive are of the female sex, then they say that Mrs. So and So's stomach is pointed, meaning she's carrying a boy. This is one folklore which has a basis, whether those who sense it understand what it is all about or not.

In fact, I have heard two more folklores which have to do with predicting a woman's pregnancy and you can check them out yourself to see if they are correct. I know they are true but it would be different if you realized it yourself rather than from hearing it from me.

One of these folklore is if an expecting mom gets more beautiful when you look her at the face, then she is carrying a baby girl. On the other hand, if she's carrying a baby boy, she'll look the same - she may be a really pretty girl but she'll still be a lot prettier if it is a girl she's expecting. Again, it is because the aura of the baby girl complements the mother's aura. There's also a lot of questions to be answered like what if she's carrying twins - a boy and girl? What is even more interesting is that one can already have a basis for a good guess of a young girl's first born-to-be whether it's a boy or a girl. If by looking (not staring) at her she seems to turn more pretty, then her eldest will be a baby girl.

Another folklore that suggests whether an expecting mother is carrying a baby boy or girl has to do with the mother's grooming herself. If she grooms herself a lot then it is said she's carrying a baby girl. She gets more conscious with her looks than if it's a boy she's carrying in the womb.

It just show's that sex discrimination starts very early.

Do you have proofs that animals have intelligence?

There are many scientific experiments which show that animals have intelligence and some scientist even classify animals as having different levels of IQ much as what is done to humans. Experiments repeatedly done with chimpanzees show that they can join several sticks to get at a bunch of hanging bananas but maybe your question really is how intelligent are animals. Like humans who reincarnate, learn and progress, so do the souls of animals reincarnate, learn and progress in their own way. The nearest to a "reasoning" animal I have personally known concerns a dog.

My sister was living in an apartment and when one of her best friends moved down south into her own home, my sister became the unexpected owner of a mutt. The dog had short dark hair, long tail, a wide snout, friendly eyes and flapping ears. Sometime I would eat lunch at my sister's home and I would play with the dog, feeding her table scraps and rubbing her behind the ears.

Outside the door was a wooden bench dividing the parking space in front of the apartment from the neighbor's. The bench was long and it could seat about three persons. Stepping out of the house after having eaten lunch, I was shocked to see the dog lying on the bench, stomach up, mouth wide open, her head hanging loosely on the edge and her eyes shut tight. I rushed to her side thinking that she had been hit by a car or struck with a club by a passerby. I felt for any broken bones on her side and on her stomach. She was warm and her breathing was shallow. I thought the dog flinched her eyes, she must have been in pain. I found no trace of blood on her abdomen. I looked at her mouth, her tongue was extended fully. Then I saw inside her mouth a big sliver of bone lodged between her teeth. I got hold of it between my thumb and forefinger and pulled it out. No sooner did I get my hands out of her mouth when she suddenly gave a jerk, did a somersault and bounded away. I pitied the poor dog; she had been lying uncomfortably on the hard bench for sometime, her head dangling down with her mouth wide open waiting for me to finish my lunch and come out. It occurred to me that she almost came near to a human's reasoning prowess to accomplish such feat.

Do you believe that there are powers to be gotten in Satanism? It seems that the Vatican has just conducted a training for priests to curb Satanism through exorcism and prayers of liberation. Would you recommend it?

I don't believe in Satanism and those who join and practice it are worshiping Satan who doesn't exist, anyway. What is sad though is Satanism is associated with the darker side of human emotions, and these can really harm. The devil is the creation of the church and if it did not give so much weight on the devil as being powerful and rebellious, people would have not found him so attractive. Who does not want power? Who does not want to rebel against authority and thereby gain power over the weaker members of the faith? The church created a monster that it is now trying to control by exorcism and prayer.

When a priest exorcises in his fight against Satanism, he uses will power: in all sincerity he believes that the power of Jesus Christ, the power of good and virtue will triumph over the forces of evil. To completely win the battle, however, the priest has to understand the workings of karma and reincarnation to fill the void in his knowledge of Satanism. He has to know a little metaphysics, what the composition of these evil spirits are, etc. In other words, no knowledge about Satanism can be complete without aspects from karma and reincarnation first.

On the other hand, when members of the cults start understanding these knowledge, they can hone their metaphysical talents and develop their belief in divine manifestations and spiritual things.

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