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(At one time or another in our adult life, we have wondered what would dying be like. I don't mean what happens after death when we "go meet our Maker" or some other concepts of what the afterlife is. Is there any body you have met or any thing you have read yet that advises you what to do and expect during the process of dying itself, during the remaining minutes and seconds of life? You may have heard of stories of near death experiences but you don't know what to believe and how to prepare. To help in this transition, read on.)

To ease your journey from this life to the next, there are four steps to remember during the process of dying:
  1. You will be conscious at the time of death.
  2. You will see a light at the end of a tunnel.
  3. Go for the light; this where the spirit world is.
  4. In the spirit world, keep your mind open.
  1. You will be conscious at the time of death - As death approaches, although you may appear to be sleeping peacefully to other persons, your mind is fully awake and conscious.

    Death is not like sleep where the person is not aware of his surroundings and conditions and may not know anything until he wakes up. It is not a dreamless sleep; actually, while the person is sleeping his mind or "consciousness" is active too but when he wakes up, he tends to forgot what happened. If he does not remember anything he says he has had a dreamless sleep.

  2. You will see a light at the end of a tunnel - As death progresses, your consciousness will become you. You will become aware that you have a spirit form, fully aware of your surroundings, with all your senses heightened. Although you may see, hear or even "touch" the living persons gathered at your deathbed, they cannot see, hear, or touch you. You will also feel drawn toward something which looks like a dark tunnel with a light at the other end. People with near death experiences will confirm this, and if it is not yet time for you to die, you will be able to fend off the urge to go toward the tunnel.

  3. Go for the light; this is where the spirit word is - If you go toward the light and enter the spirit world, then you are definitely already separated from the lower dimension which you came from. When you were in a spirit form, therefore in a different state, but before you transcended the light at the end of the tunnel, you were still "within the confines" of the physical world or dimension, sharing the surroundings of the living with them. After you transcend into the light, it is already a totally new dimension because you are now in the spirit world.

    To use the more common and familiar terms, the dimension where we are now is called the physical world, the dimension of the person in the spirit or astral state is the astral world while the "dimension beyond the light" is the spirit world. Going for the light therefore is going into the spirit world.

  4. In the spirit world, keep your mind open - It is written in the Hindu sacred texts that a man will be whatever he fancies or imagines himself to be in the spirit world, so that if he imagines himself to be a king, then indeed he will be a king but only to himself because in that world, he is what he thinks. For a person to know his true self, he must first discard his illusions and ideas which he acquired while he was living on earth. If he does not know how to keep an open mind, he can ask for help from a person he loves who died before him or he can send a telepathic message such as "Pls. help me" and he will be enlightened.

What causes most of the delay into fully participating with the spirit world is that the person who has already died and is now residing in the spirit world refuses to open his mind and still steadfastly clings to ideas, theories, and dogmas which he might have espoused while he was still alive. The reasons for his keeping these illusions are he may be afraid he may fall down to hell or he is expecting a big reward for having been an ardent follower of his religion or he does not believe in the afterlife. Having gone so far, he should have been aware by now that his journey had always been "up", so he would conclude that there is no nether region or hell. If he were still to be tormented by his belief in eternal fire, nobody can help him until he requests for help or disposes such concept.

This is the plain and simple truth to whatever is the cause of death. But the process is violent and painful if suicide had been committed, and this method of self-destruction, whether it is assisted or not, is never justified.

For so much as everybody is born, so will everyone undergo the process of death and transition, hopefully, without further complications.

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