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Every person has a horoscope. Animals have horoscopes. But did you know a country like the Philippines has a horoscope, too?

It is believed that through astrology the subject's or native's character and tendencies can be studied. This is called a natal reading. A birth chart is prepared for the native, which is a picture of the sky portraying the location of the nine known planets, the moon and the sun precisely at the time of the person's birth. The theory is that because our body is made up mostly of water, the heavenly bodies like the moon, sun and the planets exert a gravitational effect on us. Therefore the exact time and place of birth is necessary to get an accurate reading.

Using free and sample programs available in the internet, though these are limited in their scope and interpretations of the natal data and chart, one can still piece together the information available. Through this, I was able to get some interesting insights of the Filipino character making up the Philippine nation.

The Philippines was "born" on June 12, 1898 in Kawit, Cavite between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. Some nationalists say that the first cry of national independence was on April 10, 1895 in Montalban, Rizal, or it should be during "The Cry of Balintawak" on August 26, 1896, or on July 4, 1946 when we became free of the USA. These different dates would naturally give a different sun sign but since we are celebrating June 12 now as our independence day, I have chosen this date. Undoubtedly the other dates would make very interesting reading too.

The Philippines has a sun sign of Gemini, the twins. Gemini natives are talkative,(we love to text anybody and everybody), witty and intelligent but tend to be fickle-minded, not being able to persevere in the completion of a task or investigation which they found interesting at the beginning. Many things interest them, unfortunately they lack the patience and determination to see them until their completion. Of course, they are charming and never boring!

Mars in the house of work would show tendencies for diligence and industriousness, but the moon in Aires shows that the subject would prefer initiating new projects while foregoing the previous and uncompleted ones. It would have shown that the subject is a persistent, impatient and temperamental worker. He may have a short temper, so short in fact that after a little while he forgets or disregards or dismisses what made him irritable in the first place. We go after terrorists armed to the teeth then later on try to pacify them and possibly win them back on our side of the fence. There had been capital punishment; it was abolished then returned. Now there is a move to abolish it again.

There is a conflict in the native whether to go spiritual or indulge in the lower levels of existence. This is due to the sign in the ascendant. Speaking for the whole population, however, the Filipino is a religious lot, but since our population is so huge, many mixed mentalities and attitudes are possible, and it can not be avoided that there are groups engaged in organized heinous crimes without fear of the existing laws. Astrology cannot explain why lawless groups act their ways; individual readings have to be cast for each criminal and potential criminal, but a better and faster way to fix things up is for the majority of law-abiding citizens to tell their representatives to enact and implement laws which would deter and prevent future commission of the same crime.

A central theme of the relations of the planets with the signs and houses of astrology is the non-perseverance of the native in any endeavor it chooses to start. This is again evident by the planet Mercury in the sign of Gemini. Gemini alone is "dual personality" as the twins and when Mercury, the "messenger" or communicator is found in this sign superficial conversation will surely abound. Witness that during a man-made tragedy, the Filipino will investigate it, vows to have it corrected, finds something funny about it, then drops and forgets the issue. Investigations, projects, and undertakings fade and usually die a natural death. But maybe it is because of our sense of humor, whether it is displaced or not, which has made us survive through countless tragedies in the past century. It's official that the Philippines is the country most hit by disasters and tragedies in the past century yet we survived.

The relationship or alignment of the different planets and the angle they form with one another also exerts an influence on the native. I believe that they contribute much to the making up of the subject's character than just its sun sign. America has Cancer, the "motherly sign", so she goes around the world disciplining and protecting her "children" while its planetary aspects would show whether it's fair and just in its dealings.

The moon which rules "desires and emotions" is in opposition to Jupiter, the planet of luck and indolence and together they would give the native a cheerful disposition, and if not controlled, it could make him a care- and worry-free individual.

Again, a horoscope will not tell a person that he will become a criminal, much more will it tell in absolute terms the future of a country. When it will show that criminal tendencies are present, if any, in the chart of a person, then it is up to him to control these tendencies and direct his energies to something creative and useful for society.

As a last example, Mercury favorable with Jupiter gives a love of education and learning for the subject. Sales and the teaching profession would be ideal. A gift of planning and a concern for the future may be present but this requires patience because there is also the tendency to leave out the nitty-gritty details of the project. The subject thinks big hoping that the little things will take care of themselves.

What is the future of the Philippines in the new century? It does not need a genius or an astrologer to forecast that economic development will be mediocre. It takes about a generation to instill discipline and changes in a country. There are 75.3 million Filipinos as of 2000 and growing, straining the limited resources of our little island nation. There will be no major discovery of oil and mineral deposits to help us alleviate poverty. Corruption will be significantly checked in the last quarter of the century and the country will be spared of long, disastrous political conflicts.

If there is any advice in one sentence I would ask our country men to follow, it would be: "Concentrate on the task at hand and finish it!"

Note: On June 24, 2006 the death penalty was abolished. However, there is talk about restoring the death penalty and in today's news, two lawmakers are filing a bill for the return of capital punishment. My prediction: capital punishment will be restored. Posted December 24, 2006.

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