Jose Antonio Cangco

An organ donor is a person who has voluntarily willed to a hospital or an institution specific healthy body parts to be transplanted to a sick man or woman after the donor's death. He is also called a benefactor.

The donor does not know, however, that when he is already in the Great Beyond that he shall develop a feeling of affinity with the organ he left behind, now ticking with life in a new body. He will feel queasy. He will feel a bit uneasy, a somewhat similar feeling one has while on a vacation when he suddenly remembers that he left the faucet open. In the spirit world, he cannot place a call to his neighbors when he was still alive on earth to please check out and conclude his unfinished business. He will just have to wait it out until the donated organ or the recipient dies.

The way time is perceived in the astral world is different from our perception of it here on earth. It is said that many earth years are but a single moment in the spirit world. But who wants to be bothered, even by an instant, with affairs of the physical world when we are already there? My advice is: don't be an organ donor.

There is an alternative to organ donation. Our scientists, medical researchers, and engineers should develop artificial organs to be transplanted as replacements for diseased human organs. The reason that research and development into artificial organs was slow and costly is traditional religion and current ethics discourage it. There is nothing wrong in using machines and artificial facilities to help and alleviate the condition of a suffering patient, and even extend his life and make him a productive member of society. With acceptance will follow widespread use.

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