Jose Antonio Cangco

The ancient masters might have not known it but studying their teachings can increase one’s intelligence quotient. Pondering over what they said which had been passed on to us through their writings as well as from other sources compiled by scribes and chroniclers can greatly benefit us who are living in today’s technically driven society.

There are many traits which we can emulate from them such as their simple and unselfish living, humility, honesty and dedication. We can start with any of these but an interesting phenomena is that understanding even just one tenet of their beliefs as long it is the correct one can give us ordinary people an encouraging push forward.

Quite interesting too is that this task can be undertaken at a distance, safe from brainwashing. Increasing our I.Q. or ability to understand is an objective process and does not deal with personal beliefs.

Intelligence is the capacity to learn or the ability to understand problems and situations. Intelligence quotient or I.Q. is the result when intelligence is measured using tests in abstract reasoning, reading comprehension, mathematical ability, and so on as prepared by psychologists. However, the method used by the ancient masters did not deal directly with any of these or the academic subjects such as math or science. They did not even profess to increase the reasoning powers of the student. Instead they tried to focus on for the student to develop clear thinking. Obviously, they knew that a student, professional or any normal person going around with a cluttered mind needed help. He would not be in the best state to comprehend problems, analyze situations and options, and then act accordingly. By helping him, his general ability would improve.

How many times have we uttered to ourselves that if we could only clean up the mess inside of us then we should be able to think more clearly? Surely, we must have thought about this at one point of our lives, and for some this has posed a challenge to move forward.

Have you ever realized that maybe most of our own personal intellectual problems occur because we ignore our deepest and most fundamental thoughts? That if we could remove some useless “wandering thoughts” everything will fall into place and appear crystal clear? The ancient wise men knew the answer to these questions and is one of the greatest secrets of ancient wisdom. They not only believe but they knew that the mind has a self-cleaning mechanism.

Simply stated they were aware that in the deepest recesses of the subconscious is an incorruptible part of our being It may get clouded with a myriad of jumbled thoughts from time to time or it may be obscured from view continually by wrong ideas and opinions but it is never soiled by them. For everybody—the worst haywired persons included—there is always a placid moment when we can get a glimpse into what is behind our thoughts.

The ancient wise men looked outside of themselves in search for answers. Then they turned inwards and they realized that their own minds are the tools they will use. Like today’s explorers and scientists in the Artic region who keep their equipment very well maintained and in pristine condition in the harsh weather to get the best results from their experiments and observations, the ancient wise men also knew that their minds are their tools and equipments. Like the microbiologist who keeps his microscopes and slides free from dust, the sages of old also knew that their mind should be free from the dirt of biases to be objective in forming their questions and as importantly, in interpreting the results of their investigations.

The wise men concluded that the mystery behind their thoughts is not a force nor is it emptiness. It is not energy coming from outside of themselves. They said it is not energy because it is not susceptible to the changes and varying wave lengths of the source of energy. It remains unadulterated and unchangeable. They called it the pure essence of mind. In Sanskrit it is known as the kundalini . The method using the essence of mind to raise one’s I.Q is less powerful but safer. In retrospect, Hitler who dabbled with ancient knowledge, used the kundalini method for the wrong purpose.

With so much busy lives, we are not concerned with experiments and hypotheses, how, when, where and who conducted them. We want results. And quick. How will this knowledge increase my I.Q. and make me a better student, a loving husband or a caring wife, and a host of other wonderful and good things a higher I.Q. will bring?

So, what is the pure essence of mind? Its name implies it is clean, unspoiled and virginal. It is the basic nature of the mind that it is good and is attracted to what is right. Like the essence of vanilla that makes vanilla what it is, the essence of mind is what makes the person who he is.

In the real world, the essence of mind is like a clearing house where good, bad and stale checks go before they are paid or cancelled by the bank. If you received a good check then it will be paid by the drawee bank. If it is a bad or stale check that you have, it will be refused payment.

One way of doing summer cleaning in our homes is to start with the clutter in the attic. We throw things that are no longer needed. This also makes the house not a fire hazard. Similarly, the one step to a higher I.Q. is to clean our thinking processes by throwing away the mental rubbish that had accumulated in us. The essence of mind is not a garbage bin where we throw away our mental garbage and other thoughts that no longer appeal to us but is more like a sounding board where we examine our values and ideas if they are worthy of us.

The essence of mind is unchangeable. It is not affected by feelings, emotions, and mood. Though ideas may change, beliefs deepen and our opinions mature it remains the way it has always been since the time of birth. Some compare it with the lotus flower—the plant may grow in murky surroundings but the flower is always free of mud.

This is the essence of mind in its simplicity. When we shall have understood it, it is just a small leap of trust to a higher I.Q. We will have a clearer mind. With no clutter upstairs, we will have a lucid way of looking at things.

After worthless ideas disappear, we shall have a clear mind to face our problems and other challenges that confront us everyday. Or maybe we shall just learn to be thankful for the blessings we already have.

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(Published in the Philippine Panorama, January 13, 2008)

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