Jose Antonio Cangco

Yes, heaven is divided.

There is not one, two, or ninety-nine heavens but as numerous as there are groups of evolving life. How is this possible? Isn't heaven the dimension where humans go to as a reward for having lived righteous lives? Let us examine this carefully.

It is the common belief that heaven is the dimension wherein the believers of certain religions go. The differing details of heaven as forwarded by the different beliefs and faiths will not be included here for one to be able to understand the make-up or composition of paradise, there should be the attending belief in reincarnation.

There is one overriding assumption that we must put into place right at the beginning of our query and it is this: man reincarnates. It is not the scientific evolution which we are talking about here because reincarnation in our context means spiritual growth and advancement which is more than the anthropological theory of evolution dealing exclusively with the physical developments of man.

The issue of reincarnation cannot be taken as a side-comment, too, for it is real. However, assuming that there were no reincarnation so that men and women born into physical life are possessed with equal intellects, capabilities, and potential, then when they pass on to the next life, a single paradise for all of them would suffice. But with heaven divided, groups of spirit people or entities with similar likes and minds would then mass together like so much on earth intellectual people go for their own kind, while the rich and the poor people would not hit it together. Of course, this is looking at things at a very narrow perspective but this is the reality on earth if we don't have an open mind.

I remember watching one episode of the tv show "The Simpsons" and Bart was at his Sunday school. He asked his Sunday school teacher how he would look in heaven when he gets there if he lost an arm or extending it a little further if he were eaten by a cannibal or blown to pieces by a bomb. This infuriated his teacher so much she refused to take further questions, but Bart has a point in asking those questions. During some time of our lives, these questions surely had popped out and whether we had approached somebody for the answers or sought them ourselves, we never got full and satisfactory answers, the inquiries having instead remained at the back of our minds.

This is the error which we get when we try to fit the concept of the "rapture" or the resurrection and union of the physical body after its death with the spirit of the after-life. This is an error that cannot be corrected because its basis or precept is without foundation, further attempts to rectify and explain the phenomena of heaven will lead to more incoherence if these are based on the concept of the rapture. Perhaps, it's time to adapt a new way of thinking—a logical process and give up the concept.

This should be obvious even in ordinary life; if we find ourselves in a dilemma, and by thinking ourselves deeper into it, we get lost in the quagmire, then a logical common-sensed person, who we should be, will shed off the belief which was the start and cause of the confusion. Because we are sensible persons who learn from our mistakes, we will put away the common concept of a single and common heaven and its accompanying rapture phenomena; heaven is not a public place where all kinds of people congregate, instead we shall try to find the other meaning of paradise through the labyrinth of illusion and mock-up details and information.

Reincarnation is rebirth from one past life to another. It is not rebirth to some other form of life but into the same "species". There is no mixing of the different forms of animal and plant life. Man will be reborn as man, a dog will be reborn a dog, and a plant into a plant.

The biggest obstacle into why certain people reject reincarnation, besides its being not taught in their religion, is their not remembering their past lives. A man reincarnated is a new man, he has learned from his past lives, his subconscious retaining all the details of his previous reincarnations which he doesn't have any memory of. Ordinary man has no access to this knowledge; even adept persons don't delve so much in the past because it can be painful; if their successes and failures are both readily accessible, they can be hindrances to conscious voluntary thinking. The lessons learned from the past are already part of man's subconscious, therefore there is no need to bring them to the fore to mix with the conscious mind. The lessons and experiences accumulated from the previous lives are comparable, though not exactly, to the training of a pilot. When flying an aircraft, the pilot doesn't necessarily have to consult his notes and manuals for instructions on which buttons to press and levers to push. His training is already part of his make-up and mentality; flying an aircraft should be second nature to him.

It can be seen from the above analogy that delving into the subconscious to get information on what kinds of past lives there had been is not a precondition into becoming a better person. Whatever information and experiences gathered before were saved and will aid the person in his current life.

The question which follows is now: If reincarnation is real, then what experiences will those who are just newly evolving or are in the first steps of evolution have in their resume of life? It's not like the fresh graduate who is told by a firm that it only accepts applicants who have work experience. If he doesn't find work first then he won't ever be qualified.

For those who are newly evolving with barely few past lives or none in which to build a foundation of knowledge and wisdom, they are nevertheless equipped with an observant, impartial, and an absorbent mind to accumulate experiences around the immediate environment. With no knowledge whatsoever, they are born with the rudiments of wisdom which is "knowing" when to stop and cut indiscriminate thinking. They "learn" by observing other people, how others deal and interact with friends and strangers. Newly evolving people usually start in some remote parts of the globe. These are the kindest settings for them where life is simple, unhurried, without real world challenges, except the day to day toiling for food.

There are many rebirths which a spiritual entity has to live through in the physical dimension, in a worldly existence. He starts by just being a passive person, observing how the people around him interact. Then as he progresses in other lives he begins to be directly involved with his surroundings. Having lived through many past lives in basic and primitive conditions as hunter and gatherer, he now starts to interact with his society, playing a much more active role. He may become the leader of his tribe or clan. This is a general description, though, and is not necessarily true always.

In fact, a very few exception of them can rise to power in their communities and country, not rarely with disastrous results. They become heads and leaders of their communities and state not through lawful means nor any legal talents they have but out of intimidation, brute force and some luck. With no inborn talent to govern nor manage, they cause the economy of their countries to collapse. They use the military to stay in power, but it takes more than military force to pursue economic growth and keep the people happy. Fortunately, this kind of leadership is shunned by modern democracy.

But still he has many lives to go through in the future; he has to reach the "age of reason" whereby he learns to think logically, supplementing his physical senses and inborn wisdom. There are countries where the majority of the population have reached the age of reason while there are regions who are still on in the early path of reincarnation, where the population do not have the benefit of reason but live and let loose and follow the dictates of their emotions. Logic and reason are above human emotions and in the laws governing society, reason should prevail. In the daily inter-acting with the community, reason, not emotion, should also prevail.

When all these kinds of different groups of people let go of their physical lives, they go to their own parts of the spirit world where they will meet spirits who are in the same stage of evolution. So, this is heaven divided. The questions that may come to the reader's mind are:

Question: How will the spirit entity survive?

Answer: It won't need sustenance as the physical body once needed while it was living and breathing on earth because it is already in an indestructible spirit form in a different dimension.

Question: Will the spirit entity see his Creator?

Answer: He will not see God but he will surely have a greater understanding of God. He will have an idea of what or who God is and understand the truth. Likewise, he will also find out that the devil does not exist, but an anti-God and a hierarchy of Gods do exist. When he reaches his part of heaven, the spirit entity will have this knowledge as part of his being, therefore, he won't care much about theology anymore which bothers so many people on earth.

Question: Will enemies meet in heaven, leading to their reconciliation?

Answer: Enemies will not meet in heaven because they will be in different parts. Assuming however that both parties are of the same evolution, and should be staying in the same part of paradise, (if both of them managed to be there at the same time) still they would not be able to meet, unless each of them want to. Thoughts of hatred and vengeance are not present in paradise, and even if they agree to see each other, there would be understanding between them because before entering their part of heaven, they would have accepted retribution of their past actions and to repay and correct them through future rebirths.

Question: Will lovers, though of slightly different personalities, meet and fall in love again?

Answer: Lovers who have been separated by death and then go into separate parts of paradise will still be able to meet. Even if one of them remarried while still living on the earth, therefore having technically two lovers, anybody can still meet any party if each of them desires. However, there will also be greater understanding and no jealousy between them. Everybody would have found his soul mate in his part of paradise so each would be happy and there would certainly be no need for another tryst similar to earthly romance. It sounds beautiful because it is beautiful; this is paradise which we don't have on earth.

Question: If the physical body had been blown into bits by a bomb, how can it still become whole during the coming rapture? How will a deformed person look after the rapture?

Answer: The dead physical body will never resurrect and be one with the spirit again. Believing in reincarnation excludes believing in the rapture to come. The spirit entity will look its best and perfect, but will be recognizable too for those who were members of his family and friends on earth who knew him. Putting forward the idea of resurrection and rapture gives rise to more questions than answers it was originally intended for. Queries that revolve around the physical body and its habits become readily answerable once the entity is in the spirit form because the physical body is limiting. Questions of sustenance, procreation, suffering, misery, decay and death are inherent in life but which become meaningless while in paradise.

There are still many questions not formed and brought out. Is life in heaven eternal? Can people bring their pets there? These are sample questions but the idea ought to have been planted that when reincarnation is accepted, answers will be found, answers that are simple yet comprehensive and consistent through. "Search and you shall find".

Heaven is one place, with many mansions within. This is heaven, divided.

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