and Other Love Poems

by Maitreya


Another Proof of Alien Longevity  New!

How to Look for UFOs  New!

Deeper Insight  New!

My First Trip to Visayas  New!

Close Encounters with UFOs

Alien Longevity - The Key to the Fountain of Youth

Alien Matters - Are Wormholes the Gateway of Aliens?

Alien Matters - Date with an Alien Girl

Alien Matters - Interviewed by an Alien

Alien Matters - Riding in an Alien-Modified Jeepney

Alien Matters

How to Develop Intuition

Is Love forever?

The Unfinished Business(es) of Self-destruction

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A Beginner's Guide to Expressive Thinking

Is There an Obstacle to Clear Thinking?

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Understanding How We Think Leads to Happiness

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We Must Build Ships

A Cheap and Lasting Solution to Improve the Quality of Our Public Education

2 Words to Keep Your Man Happy

Love, Devotion and Surrender

The Case for Using English in Public Schools

Ten Quotations to Get you in
the Mood

Do We Need Another Hero?

No Vacancy

The Filipino's Character According to the Stars

Karma and Employee Motivation

Easing the Transition from Life to Death

Do You Want to Donate Your Body Parts?

What is Forgiveness?

Being and Forgiveness

Heaven Divided

Modified Religion by Maitreya

Fancy the Minstrel and Other Love Poems

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Jose Antonio Cangco

The following collection are articles and manuscripts that I have written over several years. Some of these were published in hard copy; and those that I have reproduced here are the unedited versions - as close to the original as possible.

I could not get manuscripts on controversial subjects such as ancient religions, karma, aliens, etc. printed in general circulation magazines and newspapers, still, I have included them here. In fact, you will read new ideas here, which you will not read elsewhere because these are based on my true experiences as well as analysis on a wide variety of subjects gathered from reading and observation. For example, reading that scientists have discovered particles known as neutrinos may travel faster than the speed of light sounds unbelievable. Yet, having seen UFOs at close range and at a distance, I can confidently conclude that travel through space faster than the speed of light is possible. I did not have any measuring devices with me, but I am not blind to the possibilities that it (faster than light travel) is indeed a reality, practiced by other beings. Upon closer inspection of my articles, you will find that these subjects are not really strange and will be common knowledge in the future.

I have endeavored to put all or most of my manuscripts here. If you will notice, there are no links to some articles but I will work to putting them here. Rest assured that the manuscripts posted here are free of traditional structures that limit our access to deeper understanding of ourselves, the world around us, and to realms beyond normal human experience. On the last section are frequently asked questions. You may send your questions, too, at my email below:

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