(Then you won't wonder anymore if they are true or not)

Jose Antonio Cangco

Many people do not believe in UFOs for different reasons. It’s against their religious or personal beliefs or because of ignorance, fear, or just outright denial based on a kind of “science” that was contended by scientists or the government. A lot of them choose not to believe in UFOs because they haven’t seen them, nor have they some experience about them. They stay away from trying to learn more about them objectively because a lot of those who—claiming experience say they have been abducted—turned out to be plain crackpots.

Here, I will write how you will know and be able to distinguish if a person claiming some experiences with aliens or UFOs are genuine or not. Then in the latter part, I will tell you of a way of how you may get to see a real UFO, then you can judge for yourself whether they are fact or just figments of the imagination.

First, we should keep in mind that aliens are physical and embodied creatures. Some of them look like us down even to our ethnic or racial appearance, while others may look very different, for example big forehead, over 12 feet in height, etc. One thing that would identify them with us or us with them is they are still basically human with two arms, two legs, a torso, head, etc. In short, we share common “human” DNA unlike monkeys who have their own pool of DNA which make them be classified as chimpanzees, baboons or gorillas.

UFOs can be seen at night as pinpoints of
light travelling at great speeds.

We are creatures of the third dimension. We, humans and aliens, including animals and all life forms in this universe, have physical forms that exist in the third dimension. In this dimension, we can move forward, backward, and up or down.

(Creatures from other universes, though very much different from us, if they can travel to our universe are still creatures of the third dimension). Time is an element of the fourth dimension which we, or anybody else in our physical forms, cannot control. We can only speculate that creatures in the fourth dimension, in addition to being able to move forward, backward, up and down, can also travel to the past and future. Aliens have advance knowledge and technology to look into the past and probabilities of the future but, being creatures of the third dimension, cannot physically travel into the past nor future. So, if you read something or hear something from somebody who purports friendship or knowledge about advanced and superior beings coming or having journeyed from the fourth or fifth dimension, or have come from the past or arrived from the future, do yourself a favor and leave.

The fourth dimension is composed of the spirit world or astral world which our spirits will all eventually go to when we die. The astral world is a sort of passage or waiting area where we leave our biases and wrong religious convictions before entering the spirit world. By the way, when we dream, we—or rather, our spirits or if you don’t believe in the spirit, call it the astral body or psyche—enter into the fourth dimension, and go to the astral world. It is possible for us to visit the spirit world consciously but that is another subject. Usually, it’s the lower spirit world or the astral which we go to.

Clarifying our terminology, the fourth dimension means generally the spirit world and the astral world. The spirit world is what can be considered as “paradise” while outside this “paradise” but still within the fourth dimension is the astral world. For lack of a better term, we’ll call the astral world the lower spirit world.

Hopefully, we are now clear that creatures of the third dimension CANNOT physically go to the fourth dimension, to the astral or spirit world.

Now you see why it is impossible to talk about the fifth dimension because we can’t even totally understand what time is in the fourth dimension. In fact, we don’t even know what components the fifth dimension has.

Even the Bermuda Triangle Mystery is not a gateway to the fourth dimension. All those persons, ships, and airplanes that vanished there were not transported to the fourth dimension but to the opposite or the “twin” of the earth (which is still in the third dimension). So, we have the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th dimension, etc. and each of these has an opposite: the negative 1st, - 2nd, - 3rd, - 4th dimension. If you want to know more about this, you can read it here.

Second, many people do not believe in the existence of UFOs and intelligent life forms in other planets or star systems because either they are so set in their religious beliefs that earth man is the only sentient being in the universe; or maybe, they want incontrovertible proof that aliens actually do exist.

If one keeps his or her mind open, one would see that many earthly mysteries could be understood and solved if aliens are taken into the equation. For example, the Nazca lines in Peru where animal forms drawn on the desert floor centuries ago become only recognizable when the viewer is up in the air, are signs that should make us think and conclude that there are other beings who happen to be more advanced and intelligent than us. The Bible (Old Testament) is full of incidents and descriptions of flying saucers. One interesting story is how the book “The Spaceships of Ezekiel” came to be written. The author, Josef Blumrich, a NASA engineer, wanted to prove that there is no such thing as flying saucers but the more he studied Ezekiel’s account as written in the Old Testament, the more Blumrich was convinced they exist.

Why don’t astronauts see them? But, they do. Astronauts are known to utter surprising words in their excitement during their transmission of situational messages back to earth. Astronaut Jim Lovell of Apollo 8 said to Mission Control in Houston on December 25, 1968, “"Please be informed there is a Santa Claus." Was this a coded message to his friends and family that there are UFOs or was he just trying to be funny? The astronauts of Apollo XI had observed UFOs during their flight to the moon, and NASA could not explain the "unidentified objects" the crew captured on movie frames. If you type “moon anomalies” or “Mars anomalies” on Google search, you will find many interesting phenomena. There are a lot of fake sites but as you read more and more, you get a feel which sites are serious and have some sense and which are not. In the end, it’s up to you to believe which is which.

As I am writing this, there’s a news item on CNN “Missile test sparks UFO fears” that spooked some residents in California. They thought there was a UFO travelling in the sky; if you look at the videos posted online you will notice that there is a trail of light, presumably the exhaust, behind the object. Flying saucers do not burn rocket fuel to move hence they do not leave any exhaust. The lights that can be seen can be switched on or off, much like those of a car, and are independent of any process used for the saucer's locomotion.

UFOs fly during the day or night at all kinds of weather but it is very difficult to see them at daytime because they seldom come close to earth, especially in populated areas. The best way to see them is at night. Go to a remote town or place where it is dark and far from city lights or other kinds of bright lights. The sky should be cloudless and when you look up, you should see thousands of stars with your naked eye. Preferably, it should be on a moonless night because moonlight can illuminate the background and you will then be missing a large portion of the night sky.

When I was a kid, I used to lie down on the terrace adjoining our house. It was a square concrete extension surrounded by a low concrete fence which served as benches on which guests would sit during parties, Although the porch had one 25 watt bulb hanging from the edge of the garage roof between the house and the terrace, as well as other lights coming from other buildings farther away, the place was not sufficiently lighted. Lying down on top of the low fence surrounding the porch, I had a good view of the night sky.

The advantages of lying down or sitting comfortably are you won’t strain your neck, you will have a wider view of the night sky, and it’s more relaxing. Scan the skies and see if any point of light is moving. You will know if it is an airplane because man-made objects have dim lights, fly more slowly, and their lights flicker in the distance. You will know when the light is not man-made because it is white and as bright as the stars in the background. It travels fast, it can move in any direction with sharp turns, and you can see that it is flying in space almost “among the stars.”

You may see other lights flying in various directions. After several sightings, you will feel that space is a heavily traversed place. You can use binoculars or a telescope but, since these are small points of lights you are looking at and are travelling very fast, you might have a hard time focusing on them. If there are lampposts or any other sources of light, these can get reflected on the lens, too. When they stop careening across the heavens and you are able to move quickly to focus your powerful telescope on them, it will be your lucky night.

I feel that there is no place on earth that can be considered really isolated because surely it had been explored, visited, or seen by aliens. Well, when you have seen many of them, you might even feel that there is no longer any mystery in space because stars, planets, asteroids, and any piece of rock big enough for a vehicle to land on has already probably been seen or examined or explored by them.

If you follow those instructions and be patient, watching the sky for two hours a night for at least two months, you will see a UFO. Then you will have the answer to the question whether they are real or not.

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